This Dying Car Alarm Just Provided The Freshest New Beat Of 2016

Car Alarm Beat

Inspiration is everywhere.

Car alarms are pretty much the most annoying thing ever. I mean in theory they’re useful as they alert people that someone is breaking into your car, which might prevent it from happening. In practice though, nobody ever actually bothers going over to see what’s going on with the car and just kind of looks at it as they walk past shrugging their shoulders. People huh?

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However, sometimes car alarms can be good for something as this video proves. Some guy heard one going off in a car park and because it was coming from a dying battery, it was all irregular and all over the place which made it sound a bit weird.

Instead of going to see what was going on with it, the guy decided to film it and then add a drum beat to it and ended up creating the freshest new beat of 2016. Check it:

Dope huh? No wonder that guy didn’t bother going to see what the problem was with the car – why would he when he could have spent his time making this video instead, right? Get Timbaland on the phone.

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