Candy Crush Addict Steals £1,000+ From Ill Mother To Fund Her Habit

There’s being addicted, and then there’s this.

Over the last 2 years, a 45-year-old English woman has been stealing money from her mum’s bank account to fund her need for extra lives in the super addictive Candy Crush.

As her mother’s carer, the woman had easy access to her bank details and was able to pinch the cash bit by bit until her mum noticed over £1,000 missing from her account.

Somehow instead of sorting it out between them, the police got involved and the woman was charged with fraud and hit with a 12-week prison sentence, temporary night time curfew and an order to pay the money back (the last part has now been waived as she later resolved the problem with her mum).

I personally never got the hype surrounding Candy Crush but if it’s got grown women stealing money from their own mothers then it must be good. I’ll be smart enough to check out our How To Get Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush post instead of jacking my mum, though.


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