Canadian Police Accidentaly Livestreams Officer Using Cat Filter Whilst Talking About Double Murder

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had a major blunder as they live-streamed a press conference on Facebook and accidentally turned on the cat filter.

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What’s up with official sources using the cat filter these days? Just last week, a Pakistani minister was live-streamed to millions of people with the same filter on. To make it even worse, while this blunder happened, the Canadian police were talking about the double murder of an American woman and her Australian boyfriend, whose bodies were found laying on the side of a road. That’s not exactly the best time for a prank – if this even was the case.

The unlucky “pussycat police” was Sgt. Janelle Shoihet, who is the victim of a blunder that would be pretty difficult to explain to somebody 10-15 years ago. Obviously, this was not done intentionally, which was confirmed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of British Columbia, who then posted an updated video without the cute whiskers and ears. I definitely prefer the version with the “pussycat police”.

We are aware and addressing it as it’s an automatic setting

I mean, it’s not exactly automatic. You either turn the filter on, or you don’t. Live-streaming is huge these days; it is used by official sources, but plenty of people use it to make money every day. And when we say people, we mean hot girls. Remember the time the gamer forgot to turn her webcam off and ended up masturbating in front of the whole world?


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