You Can Get Beer Delivered To Your Door Just By Pressing This Button

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Game changer.

You know how shit it is when you’ve run out of beer and can’t be arsed to run to the shop? Well fortunately, soon you won’t have to worry about this major issue anymore, as a major beer company has launched a button gadget that you can press to get a fresh six-pack delivered straight to your door.

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OK, so the beer company is Carling, and we all know that Carling is watery shite. However, hopefully this will spur on loads of similar inventions so that we can eventually order pretty much any beer on the market – imagine Brewdog at the press of a button? The dream.

Five major UK supermarkets have already signed up for the deal with Carling, including Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco. So it’s definitely not just some publicity stunt.

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The gadget button also comes with a smartphone app so that you can control and tweak your orders accordingly.

Alpesh Mistry, of Carling, said:

Although it may seem too good to be true for some Carling fans, the Carling Button is not a gimmick but is already up and running as a fully functional product.

It is a scalable solution, that we see having a direct impact on how our consumers shop online and purchase Carling.

At £4.99, the buttons are pretty cheap too. As said, once better beers have signed up, count me in. It’s quite an innovation and will certainly put an end to any incidents like this ever occurring again.


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