This Woman Stabbed Her Husband With A Pair Of Scissors Because He Drank Her Beer

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What’s mine definitely isn’t yours baby.

They say when you enter into the institution of marriage that you have to share everything, but one person who definitely didn’t get that memo is 45-year-old Tracy Giffin, who stabbed her husband in the neck after he stole some of her beer. Can see who the man of the house here is.

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The North Union Township, Pennsylvania, resident was arrested after cops were called to her house to find her husband Joseph Giffin in a bloody mess on the floor. Here’s what the state affidavit had to say about it:

(Joseph Giffin) related that he was drinking with the defendant and she had gone to bed.

He related (that) as he was walking through the house, she had gotten up and was upset that he had drank one of her beers.

Tracey Giffin

He related (that) an argument took place, and she then grabbed a pair of scissors. He related (that) she then put cut marks on his chest, neck and head.

He related (that) she then bit him on the arms and thumb.

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Geez what a psycho. I mean she was already in bed – the dude could have just picked her up another beer tomorrow in the morning. There was no need to go so crazy about it. Even if you wanted to start drinking immediately after you woke up then it would still have been enough time for him to replace them. Stop being such a crazy bitch, eh?

Griffin was arrested and taken to jail. Interestingly, this isn’t the first instance of her beating up a spouse – in 2013 her then boyfriend William Balas forgot to bring home some BBQ sauce on Christmas Eve (it is an essential for Christmas dinner after all) and she went absolutely skitz, kicking and biting him. She was arrested then too and ordered to pay a fine and carry out a community sentence.

Evidently they broke up shortly afterwards. I expect her current husband to follow the same course of action fairly soon.

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