Calvin Klein Photoshopped Justin Bieber So He Had A Bigger Dick

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein

How small was it before?

There was a bit of controversy earlier this week when Justin Bieber was revealed as the new face of Calvin Klein and a bunch of Beliebers threatened to kill the model that he was posing with in the promos for being too handsy with him, but a lot of people (not me) were also commenting on how ripped Justin looked in the ads.

Turns out they were right to comment because Justin hadn’t actually been hitting the gym hard in preparation for them and his look was somewhat deceptive. Even though he does look pretty good anyway, Calvin Klein thought it necessary to Photoshop the promos so he looked even better.

This isn’t exactly new in modelling photos or any other kind of promo photography, but it is really funny because they had to enlarge the bulge in Justin’s CKs to make it look like he had a bigger dick, or any dick at all. And they’ve enlarged it massively by the looks of things. Looks like JB has a tiny pecker – who would have thought it?

The pictures come from who state they were provided by an anonymous source ‘connected’ with the shoot. This source also revealed that Justin was a complete douchebag on set (surprise surprise) and was basically hitting on the other model Lara Stone, to the extent that she actually had to call him out about it and get him to stop acting so unprofessionally.

Looks like the Beliebers needn’t worry about her getting her claws into him, because it’s the other way round. Cue twitter meltdown.

Justin Bieber Unretouched Photographs


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