You Can Literally Call Shia LaBoeuf On The Phone Right Now

Shia LaBouef

You have until 6pm to take part in his latest wacky project.

Shia LaBouef is a complete oddball and as we’ve said before, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Following on from his movie marathon where he filmed himself watching every single one of his movies in a New York cinema, in the run up to Christmas he’s smashing it yet again especially for the people of our lovely island.

Shia and two collaborators are currently manning a call centre style set up at the FACT gallery in Liverpool as part of his latest project ‘Touch My Soul’. All three of them will be there until 6pm and you connect with Shia by calling on 0151 808 0771.

You would be pretty gutted if you ended up talking to one of his no name collaborators though. Still, if you’re desperate to speak to Shia LaBouef then there’s no harm in trying over and over again in the hours you have left of the project. I mean just think how great it would be to talk to him over the phone – it really is too good an opportunity to miss.

Just remember that you’ve got to touch his soul – he seems very specific about that judging by recent activity on his Twitter account:

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Anyone tried it yet? Did you manage to touch Shia LaBoeuf’s soul? Was he as fun and wacky on the phone as he seems to be in real life? Let us know.

Can’t wait to see what the dude comes up with next because it’s always a hoot – not sure if anything will ever top when he had an absolute meltdown at the Berlin Film Festival though.


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