This Cafe Is Serving A Breakfast That’s So Big It Comes In A Pizza Box

Too much.

Eating challenges and huge portions are par for the course at a lot of restaurants in the world now and it always seems like different eateries are trying to outdo each other by offering the dumbest and most outrageous meals possible.

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The latest ridiculous plate comes from Katerleanae’s Cafe in Hull and is called the Mega Breakfast and absolutely 100% lives up to that tag as it’s so big it actually has to come in a pizza box. Take a look at it below:

Yeah, that’s definitely mega. In case you were a bit unsure of what it actually consists of, then here you go: eight sausages, six rashers of bacon, four fried eggs, four hash browns, four black puddings, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and four slices of toast.

That’s a hell of a lot of food for one person, but I don’t doubt that there are multiple people who have ordered it for themselves and managed to polish it off. Apparently a lot of people order it as well to share, which probably makes sense as at £14.99 it probably works out cheaper than ordering the rest of the stuff. Good idea.

Here’s what Katerleanae Carroll, who owns the cafe, said about it:

A few months ago, we thought we needed something different.

We were doing an extra large breakfast but people were saying they wanted more, so my son came up with the Mega Breakfast and it’s been a massive hit ever since.

Quite a few people get it for sharing but on Facebook a lot of people are trying to compete against each other.

Her son sounds like a smart character – wonder how long it took for him to come up with that idea eh? Must have been a while because it can’t have been that easy to come up with the idea of whacking more food onto the breakfast when people said they wanted more. Guy’s an absolute genius.

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