You Can Now Buy Pills That Make Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate Or Ginger

Great idea.

Farting is probably one of the problems that every single one of us faces on a daily basis that we can’t really do anything about, but an inventor over in France has claimed that he’s created some pills that replaces the odours of farts with those of chocolate, ginger or even a May Day Lily.

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We actually featured crazy French inventor Christian Poincheval on the site about four years ago, but it now seems like his pills are more readily available via Amazon which is surely good news for everyone over here. The bad news is that they’re a bit more expensive through the retailer – back in 2014 they only cost £8 for a jar of 60 pills, but now you’re looking at more like £20. That’s a hell of a mark up.

The company is called Lutin Malin – which roughly translates as Crafty Imp – and can be found right here. There are a variety of different flavours and all you need to do is crush one up in your food to have the desired effects on your fart. Hell, you don’t even need to tell the farter in your life that you’re putting it in if you don’t want. Excellent.

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If you’re still not convinced or perhaps a little embarrassed about purchasing them. Here’s what Poincheval had to say about his thriving business:

I have all sorts of customers,

Some buy them because they have problems with flatulence and some buy them as a joke to send to their friends.

Christmas always see a surge in sales.

Sounds like you’ve only really got two types of customers there Christian, but I’m not gonna diss you too hard because if these work then it truly is one of the most revolutionary inventions I’ve ever come across in my lifetime. Maybe need to work on those price points though, but if you’re worried about buying them then don’t be – he’s got all sorts of customers don’t you know. Sure you can fit under one bracket.

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