You Can Now Buy Greggs Festive Bakes From Iceland

Festive Bakes

Merry Christmas.

As far as cheap and cheerful Christmas menus go, you can’t really go wrong with Greggs’ Festive Bakes and apparently they’re so popular that now you’re getting the option to heat them up yourself.

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Yes, it’s true, this year Greggs are offering you the chance to pick up a couple of Festive Bakes in frozen form from Iceland and then go and indulge in them late at night or really early in the morning when your local Greggs just wouldn’t be open. Hell, maybe buy a whole bunch of them and have a midnight Festive Bake party with your friends. Maybe even whip a bunch out for Christmas dinner on the big day itself?

Festive Bakes 2

If you’re really tight then this is also a reason to buy them in this format as they are way cheaper to buy from Iceland where a pack of two will set you back £2 or you can get two packs for £3, meaning each bake is only costing you 50p. They might not be piping hot and fresh (debatable) like they are in a real Greggs, but you’re saving a pound on each bake this way and just think what you can spend that money on instead – maybe a couple of bacon and cheese wraps or something.

For more Greggs, did you know that they now do delivery? Praise the lord.


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