You Can Now Buy A 6’5″ Animatronic Pennywise In Time For Halloween

We all float down here.

Everyone is pretty much IT crazy right now after the release of the second movie last Friday – even if some of the reviews weren’t that great – and it shows no sign of letting up, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

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Whilst many of you will merely be dressing up as Pennywise for your Halloween costume this year, there is another option courtesy of Spirit Halloween, who have decided to release a lifesize animatronic doll of the evil clown for your pleasure. The bastard is literally six foot five inches tall and comes complete with infrared sensor-activated actions, light-up eyes and scary quotes from the film courtesy of the voice of real life Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard.

You know that’s gonna take your Halloween party to the next level, especially if you place it in the toilet or the closer or in a dark section of the garden or something. Unfortunately I imagine that the price is probably going to be a bit of an issue for some of you out there at $269.99 plus shipping from America from Spirit Halloween (probably another hundred bucks or something) but man just think how lit your party would be if you had this there. You gotta go for it.

For more of the same, you can check out this baby Pennywise doll which is way more affordable but will still scare the crap out of you. Excellent.


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