This CCTV Footage Shows A Businesswoman Taking A Huge Steaming Crap In An Elevator


Well, shit.

Dressed in a long skirt, blazer and kitten heels, a woman who appeared just unable to hold it in anymore did a giant shit in a public elevator – fucking gross.

Believed to have happened somewhere in China, the lady (term used loosely) was recorded by CCTV cameras desperately pressing the exit button while frantically dancing around in what seems to be a last minute attempt to hold it in.


So, after her body just couldn’t hold the urge any longer, the woman is seen lifting up her skirt, pulling down her underwear and having a large steaming crap before leaving like nothing even happened. Savage. The video has made its way onto social media (of course) with one viewer commenting ‘What the fattest poop ever’. Props.

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