Bus Worker Sent Woman, 25, ‘Creepy’ Texts After Getting Her Number Using Test And Trace Data

This trend is getting out of hand now.

A disturbing trend seems to have developed following the introduction of test and trace measures, where creepy men who obtain customer details while working for their respective companies use the data to contact clients afterwards.

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Last week we had the Leamington Spa bar worker who texted a model after noting her details for track and trace, and now we have a tour bus operator in Windsor who has done the same thing.

Kat Kingsley, 25, from Hayle, told the BBC how she went on the Original Tour bus in Windsor on Thursday last week, but three days later received two text messages from a member of staff at the company saying he wanted to see her.

Kat recalls giving her name and phone number to a male staff member, who wrote them on a piece of paper as part of the NHS Test and Trace system.

Three days later, this is what he sent her:

Oh god, the cringe. The cringe! I mean even putting aside how inappropriate and creepy it is that this man messaged Kat in the first place, it looks like he put so much thought and effort into a 2 page long text that got lamer and weirder as it went on.

Sure enough, Kat told the BBC that she found the messages “creepy” and felt “weirded out” afterwards:

I just sort of stared at the messages trying to figure it out. It seems like a small thing when you first look at it, but when you look into it you realise it’s much bigger.

Now I don’t think I will give my details over again. I’m going to be wary of everywhere else.

Part of me does feel sorry for this bloke though. I mean he was obviously quite taken by this woman and thought he’d try his luck. In his head the worst case scenario was probably that she’d be flattered, turn him down and move on with her life. Instead she took the story to the papers and has had her preening pictures published everywhere while telling the world what a creep this guy is. That’s gotta be rough.

Like we always say, if you’re going to pull a move like this you have to be 100% sure it’s going to work. You have to be so charming and irresistible that the lady overlooks the fact that you nabbed her number from track and trace records and jeopardised your job/reputation in the process. Unfortunately for our anonymous bus driver his Whatsapp messages were destined to fail from the first sentence. Better luck next time champ!

The tour bus company has investigated the incident and says they will be taking appropriate action.

For the woman who applied to work for a mental health charity and received a response from a man chatting her up, click HERE. No wonder men get such a bad rap.


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