Here’s A Burger Stuffed Within A Donut

Donut Burger Featured

It’s a tribute to Homer Simpson, naturally.

We’ve featured Philadelphia based burger joint PYT burger a whole bunch of times on the site for the crazy burgers that they come up with like the deep fried twinkie burger and the exploding PBR chicken sandwich, but just when you think they’ve gone quiet they come out with an even more outrageous burger than before.

This one is called the D’oh Burger and it’s a tribute to Homer Simpson as it’s pretty much a cheeseburger within a donut. No, I’m not sure how that works or whether it would be nice, but right now it exists and that’s what this is all about.

The beef patty and american cheese is stuffed into the donut much like jam would be on a regular donut, and then they’ve added bacon bits and glaze to the top. It actually looks delicious but I’m not really sure if a burger within a donut would actually taste that nice? Guess there’s only one way to find out – see you in Philly.

Donut Burger


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