Burger King Have Just Made The Ultimate Stoner Smack: The ‘Whopperrito’

Game changer.

Burger King might have just invented the ultimate stoner food combination of all time – they have merged their much-loved Whopper with a soft tortilla burrito to make the ‘Whopperrito’. Sounds banging.

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Their newest menu item combines ground flame-beef, melted American cheese, tomatoes, mayo, onions and pickles all wrapped in a tortilla. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Combine that with some Burger King chips (which are better than Maccy D’s if you ask me) and you’ve got yourself the perfect pig out meal.

Whopper+Burrito = New Whopperrito from Burger King #fastfood #burgerking #whopperrito

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Bad news is that the ‘Whopperrito’ is being trialed over in Pennsylvania, US, which kind of sucks as these amazing fast food dishes always make their way there first. But chances are it is such a success that they’ll be shipping it over in the UK pretty soon after. Here’s hoping.

We’ll keep an eye out for its release. In the meantime we’ve got the Chicken Fry Rings to enjoy as well as their new hot dogs (although they didn’t end up looking so great in the end.)


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