Burger King Hot Dogs Look Like Complete And Utter Dogshit In Reality

Burger King Hot Dog Reality

Absolute filth.

Remember a couple of months ago when we got really excited because Burger King was going to start serving hot dogs? Well, kinda excited because they were only going to be served in America to begin with, but Burger King said that they had spent so long perfecting the recipe that once it was successful, they were bound to ship them out world wide so we could still get a little excited as they were likely going to arrive in this country fairly soon? And they looked awesome as you can see above?

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Well, it turns out that Burger King lied. I don’t really know why we should be surprised by this because fast food never ever looks as good in reality as it does in those amazing looking pictures of it, but this is really taking the piss when you see how crappy some of these hot dogs look below:

Burger King Hot Dog Reality

Yeah, I’m not really feeling that at all. And to be fair, I doubt anyone over this side of the world will ever get to feel them at all if they look as completely and utterly crappy as those. I mean it doesn’t even look like a hot dog, just like whoever was working at Burger King grabbed whatever was in the condiment trays and whacked them in a stale bun then whacked some sauce on.

Complete and utter dog shit. Let’s hope the beer infused pizza from Pizza Hut (which is actually being trialled IN THIS COUNTRY on Friday) serves us a bit better. I haven’t got high hopes after this debacle though.


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