Burger King Are Turning Onion Rings Into Chicken Fry Rings

Chicken Ring Fries Featured

Game changer.

I’ve never really been sure about onion rings. On the one hand they’re fairly delicious, but that’s mainly down to the batter and the fact that you’re going to covering them in some delicious dips before you put them in your mouth. The actual onion part of the ring is probably everyone’s least favourite when you think about it.

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Burger King have seemingly figured this out as well and have decided to make them about 100 times better by turning them into chicken fry rings, which I imagine are going to be a chicken nugget/onion ring crossover. Fantastic.

Here’s how the official press release describes them:

Chicken Ring Fries

BURGER KING® restaurants are reinventing the wheel with the introduction of Chicken Fries Rings – Chicken Fries in the shape of a circle are available for a limited time. Chicken Fries Rings are the optimal shape for dipping and gives Chicken Fries’ devoted followers a new way to enjoy their favorite snack.

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Well yeah, I’m sold. As you might have guessed though, these won’t be coming out in the UK anytime soon and are currently limited to the American Burger King restaurants FFS. If they do well over there though, hopefully we’ll be seeing them over here sometime soon.

We can but hope. Maybe one day we’ll get the 48 Chicken McNugget box too.


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