Burger King Has Launched A New Halloumi Bacon Burger And Brought Back The Halloumi King

The taste of the summer.

You know what every summer needs?

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Some kind of new halloumi burger that’s what, and Burger King have delightfully stepped up to the plate with the announcement of their new Halloumi Bacon Burger and the fact that they’re bringing back the Halloumi King as well. The Halloumi Bacon Burger features crispy bacon, two golden-fried halloumi patties and a brioche bun with lettuce, mayonnaise and a fresh slice of tomato, whilst the Halloumi King is pretty much the same thing but without the bacon.

Katie Evans – the marketing director at Burger King – had the following to say about the new products:

We are so pleased to be able to start expanding our menu again as we continue to ease out of lockdown with our phased re-opening plan.

You asked, we listened and now we can finally bring a dose of much-needed joy with the return of our very popular Halloumi King Burger and brand-new Halloumi Bacon Burger, just in time for summer.

Wow, she’s sounds excited about that doesn’t she?

Normally these things are advertised as a meat free option so I’m not really sure what the advantage of whacking bacon on a halloumi burger is, but I guess I’m intrigued by the proposition so there is an audience out there for it. The real stinker though is that the halloumi burger itself isn’t even vegetarian because Burger King are still cooking it in the same oils that use for chicken and fish – bit dumb that really, isn’t it? Great for the summer though sure.

For more of the same, check out these halloumi fries and burgers from Aldi. Think they are vegetarian.


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