Bully Taunts Dude In His Own Back Yard, Gets Knocked Out With One Punch (VIDEO)

When talking trash backfires.

Anyone who has spent any time on the internet in the last few years knows one thing – that when it comes to fight videos, 99% of the time the guy who runs his mouth is the guy who ends up sparked out cold.

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Here’s a fresh example; guess what happens to the dude who’s practically begging the other guy to punch him?

Yup, he gets punched:

As expected, smashed right in the jaw and ends up unconscious and bleeding all over the place.

Big up the other guy – he was challenged, provoked, and finished it with one single blow. He’s even giving advice on how to help his victim recover as he walks away! What a gent.

To watch a schoolkid make an incredible comeback against his bully and knock him out in the school toilets, click HERE.


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