School Boy Gets Battered By Bullies For ‘Being Ginger’, Dad Shares Video Online (VIDEO)


If you’re ginger, it’s bad enough that you have to deal with “you have no soul” and “why are you gross” jokes your whole life. But having a group of bullies beat you up on Snapchat because of it? Not cool.

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12-year-old Toby Gates’s dad Simon shared the video taken by one of the kids present when his son got beaten up at Abbey Manor Park in Yeovil, Somerset last weekend:

Despite the fact Toby looks dead at the end of this video, he actually only suffered minor cuts and bruises to his back so obviously that’s a tough kid right there (and some weak arse bullies).

Toby’s dad says:

I was devastated when he told me what happened. I was fuming. I wanted to sort it out there and then and find the kids who did it.

Obviously that’s not the answer and would have made me no better than the people who did this.

Toby’s not one to drop anyone in it but I told him: ‘You can’t let these people get away with this’.

Respect to Toby’s dad for that – takes a lot of self-control but as he implies it’s a wiser move to not go down that road. Avon and Somerset police are now looking into it.

To watch another kid make an unreal comeback against his own bully in the school bathroom, click HERE.


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