A Builder Said He Would Only Finish A Woman’s Kitchen If She Did ‘Naughty Things’ With Him


We’ve all heard that story where a friend of a friend shagged the builder or plumber when he came over to check their pipes or whatever and whilst I’m sure most tradesmen out there are throughly upstanding citizens, there sadly are still a few like the one featured in this article who aren’t doing the profession any favours.

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The builder in question sounds like a real cowboy: he was hired to re-plaster a Amy Wilks’s kitchen and then disappeared halfway through the third day of working on it. When she asked him where he had gone and if he was returning, he replied saying that he didn’t care about the money and would only come back if she went to bed with him. Forward.

Here’s the full text message exchange:

It gets even worse when you learn that Amy is in her mid 20s and she described this builder as being old enough to be her dad. Not really sure why creepy old men think that it’s acceptable to coerce young girls into shagging them in exchange for a free kitchen, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because you do hear about this kind of stuff going on all the time.

My only question has to be concerning whether it’s ever actually worked for this builder? Does he try it all the time and this is the first time he’s been called out about it because it usually works? Or has he been going through his life trying it over and over again and getting rejected every time?

Not sure how we can find the answer to that one, but hopefully the fact that everyone is ragging on this guy for being a prick means that it’ll happen a bit less in the future. Probably not though.

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