Watch This Guy Own A Buffet Like An Absolute Badman

This guy got style.

Do you ever get to the tables of a buffet and think “how am I going to fit all I want onto these tiny little plates?”

I mean, why do they supply such stupidly small cutlery at an ‘all you can eat’ setup anyway? It’s completely ridiculous.

Of course, you can make more than one trip, but that’s just long. Or you could try the Alan Partridge, massive plate approach, but that’s a bit embarrassing and people will probably think you’re a massive freak.

This guy on the other hand has completely trampled on the traditional method. He saw the tiny plates and with complete nonchalance overthrew the restriction with nearly as much style as this gangster. Check it out for yourself:

Now that is how you do a buffet. You want the noodles? You take them (with a few leftover so you don’t look rude of course).

I wonder if they were all for himself? Either way, I hope he enjoyed the feast, he deserves it for being such a hero. Although he should be careful handling all those calories. After all, it would be terrible to get so big that you couldn’t get out of your own car.


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