A Bakery Is Now Serving Buckfast Doughnuts

Buckfast Doughnuts

Just in time for World Buckfast Day.

With news of World Buckfast Day coming up this Saturday, what better way to kick off your celebrations than with a Buckfast doughnut?

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Whilst these delicacies do actually exist, you’re going to have to be pretty lucky to get your hands on them. Firstly, they’re only available at Doughzy Donuts in Belfast which is probably going to be fairly difficult for most of you to get to on Saturday, and secondly because they’re in amazingly high demand.

The Buckfast doughnuts were originally created to celebrate the one year anniversary of the cafe, but they were so popular store owner Alan Wilson intends to bring them out again:

Since opening up as a cafe in Smithfield, we have been incredibly busy. We’re always constant. In fact, even what we would classify as a really quiet week is probably way better than what I thought a busy week would be.

May 21 marks our first birthday since opening the cafe, and we’ll definitely be doing something to celebrate. We’ve been toying with a few ideas including giveaways and new flavours. We’re always coming up with new ideas – which is where the idea of the Buckfast flavour came from!

When people come into the cafe we love hearing their suggestions, and a few people had mentioned the idea of a Buckfast Doughnut.  One of our staff members really thought it would work too, so we wanted to try it before she went away travelling.

Overall the verdict has been so positive, especially after we posted on Tuesday night what we had planned on social media! Anything new we do always goes crazy for about a fortnight, and later becomes a part of the menu. That’s what happened with so many of our popular doughnuts like the Raspbery Ruffle, Mint Aero, Kinder and the delicious Biscoff spread flavour – which all come with the biscuits and bars on top!

We love trying new flavours and welcome all new ideas – we even had a Maple Syrup and Bacon flavour once!

Belfast’s Twilight Market is coming up, and as it is a fantastic celebration of all things food and drink, we think it’s the perfect time to bring back Buckfast Doughnuts.

We’re also considering bringing them back as soon as this weekend or next, especially as Saturday is our busiest day. They’ll definitely be back – it has been great to see such a positive reaction.

He seems like an enthusiastic guy eh? But really given that it’s World Buckfast Day on Saturday, he should really be making sure he’s got a fresh batch of them, shouldn’t he? Failing that, how else are the people of Belfast going to truly celebrate?


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