Check Out This Brutal Footage From An Actual MMA ‘Fight Club’ Over In Thailand

Fight Club MMA Thailand

No rules or regulations in this club.

Following the rise of MMA and UFC over the last couple of years, the sport is more popular than ever and thousands of people are looking to try their hand at it every week. That’s great in theory, but as with anything that gets massively popularised, there are going to be people looking to cut corners and that’s where an already potentially dangerous sport can become even more so.

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That’s exactly what seems to be going on in this video from Thailand that’s simply entitled ‘Fight Club’. In it, a bunch of amateur MMA fighters draw massive crowds to watch them fight in car parks wearing jeans and sneakers. Sure, there is a doctor on hand at the fights in case anyone gets brutally battered because of it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s the safest environment to fight in. I suppose the whole idea of a ‘safe environment’ to fight in kind of defeats the point of a fight though in essence, so maybe this is the actual real deal now?

Hmmm. I mean I like the way they have refs and people around, but it kinda stops the flow of the fight when they’re stopping it every two seconds. Kinda lame that it doesn’t really kick off considering it’s literally two guys in a car park trading blows, but I like the idea that it even exists. Hopefully we’ll see some real humdingers from them in the future.

For more organised fighting, check out this guy and his backyard wrestling federation that was set up specifically to allow people to settle beef. Nice idea.


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