This Guy Set Up A Backyard Fighting Federation For People To Settle Beefs And It’s Absolutely Mental

Backyard Fighting League

After his friend was shot dead, Scarface set up the fighting league to encourage people to settle their beef with their fists not guns.

Chris Wilmore – also known as Scarface – had some devastating news on Christmas Eve one year when he found out that his best friend had been shot dead over some beef.

In an effort to honour his memory, Scarface has set up street beefs. It’s a backyard fighting federation where he encourages people who have got a problem with each other to come and settle it man to man with their fists, and not by shooting each other.

He then films the resultant fight and puts it on the Internet, duh. In this week’s bout, we’ve got two guys going at it called Knockout The Olympian and Bipolar Bobby. Apparently their beef can’t be revealed for legal reasons, but the way they’re going at it looks like they really hate each other.

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Ooof. Can see why that guy is called The Olympian with a swing like that?

I’m not really sure if what Scarface is doing by organising these fights is essentially a good thing – I mean I suppose it’s good that they’re not shooting each other but the fact that they’re beating the crap out of each other is only slightly better really isn’t it?

Check out another bare knuckle boxing match here – probably more brutal than this one too.


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