Bruce Willis Is Returning For Yet Another Die Hard Movie

Die Hard

Yippee Ki Yay!

Just when you thought John McClane could finally go back home and put his feet up, some other set of terrorists have decided that they’re going to try and blow up the world again. Goddammit.

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The idea for the next movie in the franchise, which is expected to be called ‘Die Hard: Year One’ has been making the rounds since 2015, but director Len Wiseman – who directed the last instalment ‘Live Free Or Die Hard’ – has revealed that Bruce Willis is now officially signed up to reprise the role. The movie is going to be a bit different to previous episodes, as it’s going to feature two John McClane’s: one played by Willis in the present day, and another detailing his earlier years as a New York cop back in the 1980s. Double McClane – cool.

The younger McClane has yet to be cast, but Wiseman isn’t farting about with it, saying the following:

The right casting for this role is crucial. Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill.


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Can’t really argue with that can you because they certainly do, as this guy is gonna have to step into the role of one of the most iconic characters of all time, possibly even carrying on the franchise somehow, probably in a lame TV spinoff.

So who do you fancy as a young John McClane? Zac Efron? Nicholas Hoult? Miles Teller? Probably none of those guys, but hey, I had to write this article really quick. Pretty sure whoever they get won’t do it justice though.

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