Bruce Willis Is Starring In Eli Roth’s Reimagining Of Death Wish And It Looks Pretty Much Perfect

Death Wish

Charles Bronson would be proud.

Death Wish is one of those iconic 70s movies that you can’t help but love because it’s an effervescent cocktail of violence, brutality and stupidity held together by the inimitable Charles Bronson, so it makes sense that it would get a reboot in 2017.

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Normally most of these reboots are absolutely terrible and ruin the original, but it’s looking like Death Wish could be different. Not only is the man behind some of the most violent and bloody movies in recent history at the helm in Eli Roth, but they’ve also roped in Bruce Willis for the Charles Bronson role.

That sounds good on paper, but when you check out the trailer then you’ll know they’re on to a winner:

I mean that does look really stupid doesn’t it, but I suppose that’s exactly what you would be expecting of a remake of Death Wish in this day and age. Out in November and already destined to be the dumbest movie of the year, but that’s exactly the way it should be. Can’t wait.

For more Death Wish, check out this video of Charles Bronson killing a bunch of hipsters. Never gets old.


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