Britons Warned About The Rise of Kamikaze Tripping Seagulls Causing Absolute Mayhem


Rise of the tripping gulls.

Finally, the so-called British summer is here and we’re experiencing a heatwave beyond out wildest dreams (which means 3 days of 25C+ weather).

Of course, in the UK, even a sniff of an extreme weather condition causes complication of some sort – and this summer it comes in the form of tripping seagulls.

So, we have been warned to keep our wits about us due to an unusually high number of seagulls tripping balls after eating flying ants.

Experts say the recent hot weather has caused a mass emergence of the insects, which seagulls like to eat despite making them bat shit crazy. Apparently, these flying ants contain a formic acid, which makes the seagulls go doolally and completely loose their inhibitions.

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Much like a zombie apocalypse, it seems that the tripping seagulls epidemic will only get worse as the birds have an incredible appetite for the flying ants. Here’s what the RSPB’s Tony Whitehead had to say about the matter:

They are like M&Ms to them. They go to wherever they are.

So far the effects of the flying critters have caused the mad gulls to fly into buildings and moving cars in a kamikaze-like fashion – but you never know – it could cause them to attack in droves (and they are usually such shy, retiring birds).

Either way, if you’re taking a trip down beside the seaside, you might want to wear a crash helmet. If you think this is bad, what about the Chinese kids who have been playing real life Angry Birds?


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