Britney Spears Shares Grim Video Of The Moment She Broke Her Foot (NSFL)

The sound it makes is absolute filth.

Britney Spears has been pretty busy on Instagram lately sharing videos of herself dancing her ass off and generally looking pretty happy and healthy.

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I mean check out this recent clip where she absolutely nails her dance routine… well except for the bit where her foot snaps in half:

Ouch! It was going pretty well up until that point as well. After watching that clip I checked out some more of her Instagram and she seems a decent follow because she never seems to be promoting anything or really doing anything other than dancing or exercising or having a good time, but there’s just a hint of Crazy Britney still in there somewhere:

What a legend. Like I said though, she does still seem a little crazy so let’s hope she’s looking after herself and we don’t see the return of 2007 Britney, or even 2019 Britney at any point. Other than that looks like she’s got it all covered. Go Britney Go!

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