Man Holding A ‘F*ck BLM’ Sign Catches A Beatdown After Swinging At Protesters (VIDEO)

The definition of a death wish.

I can’t think of any bigger death wish right now than taking a sign with ‘Fuck Black Lives Matter’ written on it and carrying it into the middle of the protests currently taking over America, but I guess the guy in this video must be some kind of masochist because that’s exactly what he did.

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It turned out pretty much exactly the way you might expect:

Have to admit it’s an absolute shocker he managed to get up and walk away from that. I mean he basically recreated that scene from Die Hard where Bruce Willis walks into Harlem with that racist sign (you know the one) and somehow walked away relatively unscathed despite being pummeled for a good while there. Amazingly, he also threw the first punch even after parading around with that sign!

Somehow I doubt he’ll be pulling that same stunt again though. No way he’s going to be this lucky next time around.

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