Britain’s Youngest Lottery Winner Posts Controversial ‘Boob Job’ Photo

Jane Park

This comes weeks after claiming she “hates having money”.

A couple of months back, Britain’s youngest Euromillions winner, Jane Park, claimed that she was thinking about suing the lottery because being rich had “ruined” her life. Oh boo hoo.

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Park, who won £1million when she was just 17-years-old four years ago, has now sparked controversy after posting a series of images showing off her £4,500 boob job.

Obviously many of her 37.7k Instagram followers have to question whether she really does “hate” being rich – it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

Yeah it must really suck spending your life going on mini-breaks and buying expensive shoes.

Part of me wonders whether the whole suing idea was actually because she’s running out of the £1million. After all, earlier this year it was revealed that she was moving back in with her mum and putting her car and house up for sale. Strapped for cash? Maybe get a refund on the boobs? Or perhaps she could use her smart, charismatic and outgoing personality to get herself a job:


It appears that social media really is melting millennials’ brains.


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