Shocking New Footage Takes A Look Inside Britain’s Most Dangerous Juvenile Prison


Welcome to hell.

If there’s something I absolutely never want to do then it’s go to prison – and hopefully I never will. If it does ever happen though, I can perhaps find solace in the fact that it will never be as awful as the experience depicted in the documentary you can watch below.

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The documentary follows the youths incarcerated at Aylesbury prison in the UK, which is notorious for being the most dangerous prison in the country. The people held in it are all juvenile offenders who have committed some of the most sickening offences that you’ll ever hear about, all before they were out of their teens.

Rapists, paedophiles, murderers and worse all call Aylesbury their home, and for some it will be where they spend the rest of their days as one in five is serving a life sentence. The place is as grim as you would imagine, and the team making the documentary spent four months there and came out with some truly eye opening footage.

The whole thing is about 90 minutes long so you might wanna prepare yourself before sitting through it, as you’re going to feel like you got punched in the stomach after you’ve finished watching it:

Brutal. So glad that there’s no chance of me ever, ever ending up in that hellhole under any circumstances now. Literally going to have nightmares about the place.

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