This Video Shows The Bleak Truth About Russia’s Toughest Prison


Located in the middle of a forest that’s bigger than Germany.

I know I really don’t want to go to prison under any circumstances, but I think it would be even worse if I ended up in a prison in another country like fucking Russia for instance.

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This view has been confirmed even further by the documentary below, which takes us in Penal Colony 56 – a Russian prison exclusively for murderers where 260 men are held. It’s located in the middle of a forest bigger than Germany where temperatures reach -40 in the winter that’s a seven hour drive from the nearest city. There ain’t no getting out of this one, even for the people that work there by the sound of things.

Documentary makers Mark Franchetti and Nick Read were granted unbelievable access to go into Penal Colony 56 and document the stories of the men who find themselves trapped there, unable to leave. The result is the feature length documentary you can see below, but be warned it is unbelievably bleak and depressing:

Jesus that is so depressing and sad in every sense of the words really isn’t it? I know everyone there deserves to be locked up, but man it looks like the most boring, hopeless and awful existence ever.

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