Britain’s Dumbest Family Are Planning Their 20th Kid

Britain's biggest family

Her poor vagina.

You might remember Sue and Noel Radford, from Morecambe in Lancashire when they were featured on Channel 4’s show ’17 and counting’. The show documented the lives of the parents and the children of Britain’s biggest family, then having a total of 17 children.

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They didn’t stop there though it seems, as news has just landed of them having their 19th baby, a girl called Phoebe. This means they now have 10 sons and 9 daughters in total.

Local Baker Noel says that his job is nothing compared to the daily task that Sue has – and being a stay at home mum of nearly 20 children, I can’t say I disagree with him. The sheer chaos of breakfast in the morning, the unbelievable food shops you’d have to go on, the holidays spent destroying resorts with your army of little terrors. What do they drive around in? A Bendi-bus?

Britain's biggest family

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The couple had their first child Chris when mum Sue was just 14, with 19th child Phoebe coming at age 41. In what might be unsurprising news given they’ve got 19 children, Sue and Noel say they have no intention of stopping having more now.

It does prompt an interesting argument into whether a family should even be allowed to get to this size – how would anybody be able to afford all that on a Baker’s wage? The government subsidy must be absolutely massive to house and support the 21 people that are part of the home, but I suppose it’s not my place to say how many kids a family should or shouldn’t have. I just think maybe 19 is probably a bit excessive though.

On the plus side at least they ain’t murdering each other, unlike this family. Bunch of wrong’uns.


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