Father Murders His Entire Family ‘Over Son’s Haircut’

Six children, a pregnant wife and mother, all because this guy didn’t like his son’s haircut.

Six children, a pregnant wife and mother are all dead, all because this man lost the plot following an argument about his son’s haircut.

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Oleg Belov admitted to murdering his entire family in the space of 10 minutes because his six-year-old had got a ‘parrot’ haircut which he didn’t like.

He told the court in Russia that his wife Yulia was planning to divorce him, and then cut his son’s hair that way to piss him off.

She cut him like a parrot. I asked her, “Are you kidding or what?” I tried to grab the hair clipper and a fight broke out.

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Belov says he struck his wife twice before she ran for help. He ran after her and killed her with an axe, then used the same axe on his children, all aged between one and seven.

I killed the children so they could stay mine.

He then went to his 73-year-old’s mother’s house and stabbed her 21 times.

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What a nut job. Not that the explanations for killing his wife and children are valid in any way, but why did he then kill his mum? I guess probably to spare her having to live with the fact that her son is a legit psychotic scumbag.

Belov faces life in prison. Somehow, that doesn’t seem quite enough. Not to get too medieval, but something like this might be more adequate.


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