Britain First’s 5 Greatest Hits

Britain First

If you also hate Muslims and David Cameron, but you love flat caps and aggressive political rhetoric, then sign up to be a Britain First ‘Activist’ today.

Despite for the most part being a nation of moderates, we Brits love a good bit of extremism. Whether its talk of Islamic takeovers or Right Wing Quran burnings, we’ll take anything the media offers us and come back for seconds. All of us recognise the names of extreme faction leaders like Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson, but with Britain First rapidly becoming the country’s biggest name in far-right politics, the EDL of yore has to move over for the new name in anti-Muslim rhetoric. Under the esteemed leadership of chairman Paul Golding, a former British National Party member, Britain First have been undertaking God’s work against the heathen Muslim hordes, conducting such ground breaking initiatives as Mosque invasions and ‘Christian Patrols’, whilst retaining the Far-Right favourites of flag-waving and shouting.


Arguably Britain First’s anti-Islamic coup de tat, the group began conducting Mosque invasions in May 2014, wherein party ‘activists’ entered mosques in force, demanding answers from normal Muslims for the grooming gang scandal, and handing out Bibles, presumably just to fucking wind people up. Whilst deliberate provocation is a fairly common method for extreme groups, this particular event makes the shortlist for its sheer bloody-mindedness. Whilst meaningful dialogue is clearly a bit foreign to Far-Right groups, shouting about “MOOSLIM GROOMING GAAANGS” and throwing Bibles at ordinary folks is probably not the best way to make your points heard.

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