Brighton Players Filmed Getting Smashed On Hippy Crack In A Bar In Spain (VIDEO)

Enjoying the winter break.

The first ever winter break in the Premier League has proved to be almost as annoying as the international break. But it’s not just us with time to kill in between the busy football periods, the players go off to train and party and bond with each other in sunnier climates. 

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It feels like only yesterday when those Leicester City players were filmed racially abusing a Thai girl during an orgy in Bangkok, but this time it’s the turn of Brighton & Hove Albion players Shane Duffy, Pascal Gross, Leandro Trossard and Alireza Jahanbakhs, who were filmed getting smashed on nitrous oxide at a bar in Spain this week:

Obviously this is nowhere near as severe as the incident with the Leicester players (which led to 3 players being sacked), so there hopefully won’t be too many problems over it even though the club says they are “investigating”.  It’s just four dudes on holiday doing some laughing gas. Not harming anyone but themselves (hopefully). Wouldn’t say it’s a major offense and it’s not like anyone can prove what was in the balloons anyway.

Meanwhile, Manchester City players had an orgy with 22 Instagram models after thrashing Aston Villa 6-1. Gotta celebrate somehow.

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