Shocking ‘Bride Kidnapping’ Caught On Camera In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Bride Kidnapping

Shocking ‘Bride Kidnapping’ Caught On Camera In Kazakhstan

Prepare to ruin your day by watching this video – it’s perhaps even more upsetting than the most powerful and shocking pictures of 2013 – and then get even more upset when you hear that this kind of thing is actually fairly commonplace over in Kazakhstan.

The video details the marriage of a young girl over in Kazakhstan but it’s not like any marriage video you’ve ever seen before as the girl is kidnapped from her home and then being force to marry her husband against her will. Throughout the video you can see her kicking, screaming, crying and attempting to flee her captors, but all to no avail as she eventually is walked down the aisle and forced into the marriage.

Truly heart wrenching and something that needs to stop happening. It even makes the worst photo shopped weddings look good.


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