Bride Breaks Her Leg & Nearly Has It Amputated In Bachelorette Party Freak Accident

Worst hen do ever.

A bride-to-be who broke her leg in four places during her hen do would have had her leg amputated – if not for her quick-thinking bridesmaid/sister.

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Lula O’Neins, 24, from Frome, Somerset, was at Centre Parcs for her bachelorette party just 8 weeks before the big day. She managed to trip over and break both her tibia and fibula in one of her legs, leaving her leg completely bent out of shape, as per Daily Mail.

Luckily her bridesmaid and sister Gabrielle leapt into action and pulled Lula’s leg to straighten it out.

Doctors told the 24-year-old she would’ve likely had to have the leg amputated had it not been for her sister’s quick thinking, as “she would have lost the blood supply to the limb due to how badly broken it was”.

Lula recalls the horror:

We had a great time and I wasn’t even drunk when I tripped over and my leg just went ‘snap.’

I couldn’t get up. I was in so much pain. My leg was bent back the wrong way. It was all in the wrong place.

As we were waiting for it to show up, Gabrielle decided to push my leg back into place – thinking it might help, although she has no first aid training. It’s very lucky that she did. I screamed as I felt it pop.

I don’t know if Lula or her husband-to-be believe in signs from the universe or anything, but surely this freak accident has at least one of them thinking twice about getting married. I mean no one just falls over and breaks their leg, do they? Not unless they’re 80 years old. Lula is a 24-year-old woman in the prime of her life. 24 year old legs don’t ‘just go snap’ out of nowhere.

It’s one thing if you sprain your ankle or break a toe or something. But getting your leg snapped and completely bent out of shape for no reason on your bachelorette party is 100% a sign from beyond. If I were the groom I would read this message from the universe loud and clear – Lula O’Neins is trouble. Take a hint and move on.

To watch a video of a groom slapping his bride in front of stunned wedding guests because she teased him with cake, click HERE. That’s how they roll in Uzbekistan apparently.


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