Canadian School Kid Stops Bully From Stabbing Classmate, Gets Punished For Interfering


A Canadian schoolboy who stopped his classmate from being stabbed was sent to the headmaster’s office and punished. Are we teaching kids not to be heroes?


A 13-year-old Canadian school kid who stopped the school bully from stabbing his classmate got sent to the headmaster’s office, received a ticking off and was sent off home because his school “doesn’t condone heroics” and he “should have sought out a teacher” instead.

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Anyone else find the phrase “doesn’t condone heroics” completely stupid? Is that what we’re teaching kids these days – don’t take action, wait for someone else to come and save the day for you. Don’t try to rescue someone who’s in trouble because you’re not capable enough. You’re better off whipping out your smart phone and filming your classmate getting stabbed to death from a safe distance, instead of intervening and possibly saving a life.


On a brighter note for Briar MacLean, he is now officially the coolest kid around. The school bully tries to stab some dweeb with a knife and you’ve not only fought him off and saved a life but also got in TROUBLE with the headmaster for it. The girls are going to be falling over themselves.

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That was probably the bully’s motivation in the first place: “If I stab that kid over there the girls will be queuing to give me a hand-job”. But nope, Briar MacLean comes along and steals all the thunder. Guarantee this kid is going to go on to absolutely smash life.


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