Awesome Kitten Bullies Huge Doberman

Cute Kitten

An awesome kitten bullies a huge Doberman into submission. Has the cat vs dog war finally been won?

Cute Kitten

Cats. Dogs. The debate’s gone on for centuries and will go on for centuries more unless some horrible virus worms its way into one of the species and turns them into some horrible creatures that look like Meatloaf bred with a rancid bowl of Ready Brek that survive on a diet of iced-ring doughnuts and sewage water from the depths of Kazakhstan. Hopefully, that won’t happen to cats or dogs though because I think they’re both pretty awesome. I’ve got a dude of a dog and two cats who are bros so it’s pretty sweet, although one of my cats is grumpy as fvck and actually hates my dog. It’s probably because he’s a really old boy now and my dog is kinda young and as she’s a Lab she loves the world and my cat has read too much Bukowski and hates everyone and everything.

My other cat loves my dog, though, and you sometimes find them sleeping together – they’re not lesbos or anything, they just really like each other – and playing together etc. It’s a really good way to chirpse girls, if they see them together like that, and it’s also a good conversation starter on your way to a chirpse so if you’ve got a cat/s and a dog always try to make them get on because you’ve got nothing to lose. Apart from your virginity.

This cat, though, (named Pancake) is a bit of a bully and just won’t let her buddy (a pretty big Doberman) chill out and catch some Z’s. The Doberman gets pretty fed up at one point, though, but then decides that she’d get fucked-up by the kitty if she even tried to hurt her and lets her do whatever the fvck she wants. Check it:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmnODzMToyU’]


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