Brian Harvey Posts Video Of Himself Being Arrested For Malicious Tweets

Brian Harvey

‘I do not consent to this arrest.’

Former East 17 frontman Brian Harvey has had somewhat of a hard time of it battling depression since his heyday fronting the boy band – most notably when he managed to run himself over because he was eating too many jacket potatoes – and it seems like his troubles are set to continue as he uploaded the following bizarre video of him being arrested.

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Harvey was apparently arrested for sending out some mean tweets about someone, but it’s still weird that he decided to film himself being arrested and upload it to the internet. Kinda weird he just so happens to have a security tape running in his lounge at all times as well?

Anyway, you can watch the five minute video below:

Yeah I suppose I shouldn’t make light of someone who’s got mental health problems but that is a really strange thing to post on the internet isn’t it? Not really sure what the police are thinking arresting him because he sent some nasty tweets either – surely they must have something better to do than that? You know, like stopping actual crime.

Not really sure where this story is going to end up going, if anywhere but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s Brian Harvey going completely berserk and smashing all his East 17 videos, and then going on a rant about paedophiles. Guy is messed up.


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