Man Invents The “Breathe Well Tube” As Coronavirus Protection, Makes His Girlfriend Wear It As Well

The hottest PPE protection on the streets.

It’s been a big year for masks, face shields, face covering helmets and even snakes you can wrap around your face and use as PPE, but inventors around the world are still scrambling to come up with the best coronavirus protection available.

Meet Argentinian man Pablo Bogdan. He’s just invented the Breathe Well Tube – a transparent shield that surrounds your entire head and upper body but also improves the daily social experience by bringing back face visibility.

Here he is showing it off around Bueno Aires with his girlfriend:

So many questions after watching that. Sadly I don’t speak Spanish so forgive me if they answered this in the video – but what are you supposed to do when it starts pissing down and you start drowning in your Breathe Well tube? Do you just turn it inside out? What if some joker throws a bucket of water in there or a beehive? Someone could even mistake you for a bin and dump their shit all over you. Not something you have to worry about with regular masks and face coverings.

This company seems to have that covered at least:

That’s not to say both devices don’t have other problems in common. I mean how are you supposed to survive a sneeze in either of these things? What if you want to scratch your nose?

Think I’ll just stick to a regular old face masks, personally. Although I guess if you’re someone with a pre-existing condition who needs to take next levels safety precautions, either of these products are a good shout. Just be careful you don’t end up becoming a walking aquarium.

For the Louis Vuitton face shield that’s going for £750, click HERE. Sigh…


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