You Can Now Buy A Louis Vuitton Face Shield For £750

The hottest PPE in the streets.

It was only a matter of time before luxury brands like Louis Vuitton cashed in on the mask craze, and sure enough you can now get yourself an LV face mask for $961 (roughly £750).

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The shield comes complete with golden studs, a photochromatic visor which reacts to sunlight by turning darker, and the Louis Vuitton monogram print adorning the trim and headband. You can also flip the visor and wear it as a hat. Um, worth every penny then?

The craziest thing about this Louis Vuitton PPE is that it totally has a market and will no doubt sell out in no time. I mean what better way to assert your dominance over the poors and sheep in their basic N-95 hospital masks than by wearing a £750 Louis V face mask? It’s the ultimate flex of the COVID-19 era.

Now I would never wish COVID on anybody, but wouldn’t it be a little bit amusing if the person wearing a £750 designer face mask caught it? Just thinking about the type who might splash that sort of cash on a face mask and walk around wearing it like a fashion item and there’s no chance they’re anything other than terrible people. I mean it’s just such a waste of money, even if you’re a multi-millionaire. Not to mention it’s probably no more effective than the super cheap versions.

Then again Louis Vuitton could release a £50 per square toilet paper with the LV logo on it at this point and people would sell it out. That’s just the world we live in.

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