BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet Just Crashed In Barcelona



Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s £15million private jet just crashed in Barcelona after a landing gear broke on impact.

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Before you read any more of this report, don’t worry – he isn’t dead. The plane was landing at El Prat airport when the potentially serious mishap occurred. Eyewitnesses say that the plane’s landing gear broke while hitting the runway, forcing the emergency services to be called into action. The pilot was attended to for injuries.

A ‘source’ said:

The plane is normally rented by companies and it was in use by one of them.

The incident had no major consequences.

Well phew, that could’ve been bad. Ronaldo is just about to start a new contract with Real Madrid, so hopefully the pay rise will help him pay off the hefty damages bill. I swear there are always fuck ups with private jets – I say stick to economy already.

Or just go 1st class – it looks sick.


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