The First Trailer For The Breaking Bad Movie ‘El Camino’ Has Been Released

Cannot wait to see this.

The other day Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman) confirmed that the Breaking Bad movie had finished filming, which caught everyone by surprise as despite constant rumours that it would be happening, there was no indication that filming was already underway. 

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Well a couple days later Netflix have released the first trailer to the Breaking Bad film, titled ‘El Camino’ and the trailer already has us hook, line and sinkered:

Well I think this is one sequel that absolutely no one is going to have a problem with, which is more than can be said for other upcoming sequels out there. Looks like El Camino is going to be heavy on the Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman, Badger and Skinny Pete storylines. Maybe we’ll even get some Walt Jr in there too. Cannot wait.

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