Brazilians Buy Laundry Detergent, Get Grade A Bolivian Cocaine Instead

Yesterday, dozens of Brazilians were (happily?) surprised to realise that the detergent they had bought contained Grade A Bolivian cocaine. Not a bad trip to the supermarket, eh?

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All this went down at a supermarket in the Emerlino Matarazzo district of Sao Paulo. In total, 80 kg of Bolivian marching powder was sold disguised as detergent.

That shop was definitely involved in some big-time drug trafficking. The boxes of washing powder that contained the bundles of drugs were clearly stored in the wrong place. One little fuck up, and it all goes out the window. That’s the drug game for you.

Apparently, one customer tried to return the package to the store, while one of them handed the pressed cocaine to the local police station. There’s always that guy. When the cops arrived, they claimed that ‘individuals were unloading more of the same product and that some had attempted to escape.’.

Obviously, the shop is involved in some shady business, and four people have been arrested, including three working at the shop.

Sao Paulo military police proudly posted a photo of the bust on Twitter, with a cheesy caption claiming that they are ‘cleaning the streets of criminals’.

I wonder if anyone went home with ‘their’ charlie and kept their mouth shut? How the hell would the cops find them? They’re surely having a jolly time right now and you gotta rate them for it really. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Let’s hope they take it easy though and don’t end up like the guy who did so much cocaine that he blew chunks of his nose out.


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