VIDEO: Brazilian Kids Learn To Speak English By Talking To Lonely Chicago Senior Citizens

Brazilian Kids Learn English Speaking Chicago Senior Citizens

Well, isn’t that just one of the best ideas ever? Everybody wins.

We try not to post overtly soppy stuff like this on Sick Chirpse too often, but I thought that this was just too good an idea to ignore because not only was it supremely practical and useful, but it also made a shitload of people really happy.

The CNA Speaking Exchange decided to pair up Brazilian kids from Liberdade who wanted to learn English with lonely Chicago senior citizens on video chat and it turned out to be the perfect match. The kids learned English and the senior citizens got a bunch of people to talk to regularly other than their grumpy residents and their (probably even grumpier) children and grandchildren. Great success.

In fact, it was so successful that some of the kids even look up to the Chicago senior citizens as some kind of surrogate grandparents now, whilst some of the seniors are even talking about going to visit Brazil sometime to actually meet their little tykes first hand. Geez, all of the feels or what?

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