‘Boyfriend Air’ Is A Very Real Problem That’s Affecting Women Everywhere

Boyfriend air is real.

Has your girlfriend had a strange, manky aura about her lately? Has she started to smell bad or seem a bit frazzled and disheveled? Well, it’s not her fault. It’s yours.

‘Boyfriend air’ is a very real phenomenon that appears to be affecting women everywhere, but especially women in their early – mid twenties who have TikTok accounts. Here’s how one TikToker breaks it down:

@taylordonoghuee I was truly shook to see other ppl also related to this😭💀 #boyfriendair ♬ original sound – Taylordonoghuee

There’s loads more girls saying the same thing too. They spend a little time at their boyfriend’s place and end up looking and acting completely gross. Even if you don’t personally have a girlfriend, you can probably notice this just by looking around every day. Basically any woman you see who isn’t looking her absolute best has a disgusting boyfriend somewhere who’s to blame. The air he lives in is vile and so it transfers to her the minute she’s in his presence.

“Two seconds with my boyfriend and suddenly I have no makeup on, my face is puffy and breaking out, I haven’t showered in weeks and my hair looks like a creature has been living in it.”

I'm plagued by 'boyfriend air' — I've never felt so dirty

It’s literally all because of ‘boyfriend air’. And so it’s up to us men to get our acts together and clean the situation up. Our girlfriends being gross is no one’s fault but our own. Even when she clogs up the shower drain or leaves hair all over the bed like a chihuahua, it’s due to your negative influence. Hope we’ve all learnt something today and strive to be better.

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