Woman Shoots Boyfriend After He Attempts To Force Feed Her Pizza


Is that even a bad thing?

A mother-of-two shot her boyfriend in the chest after he grabbed her by the hair and “gently smooshed” a slice of pizza in her face during an argument.

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Jennifer Bloop, 31, has been ordered to stand trial on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Brandon Doan, 34, who lived with Jen and her 2 daughters from a previous relationship at their Pennsylvania home, described the shooting at a preliminary hearing this week:

I grabbed her by the hair and gently smooshed the pizza in her face. She quickly shot me.

He says he can’t remember why they were arguing in the first place (possibly over the pizza?)


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I don’t know that the fact Brandon “gently smooshed” the pizza in Jen’s face makes it any better than if he violently assaulted her with the pizza. In some ways having a pizza “gently smooshed” in your face is worse. It’s slow and taunting and provocative. The perfect way to wind someone up. I reckon Brandon made a big mistake by not saying he viciously smacked her across the face with it instead. As it stands the judge will probably let her off.

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